ขนาดตัวเรือน : 50.5×47.2×13.3mm
น้ำหนักรวม : 70g
สินค้าพร้อมกล่อง คู่มือ ใบรับประกันจาก CMG เซ็นทรัล 1 ปีเต็ม


นาฬิกา CASIO Protrek รุ่น PRW-60ECA-1A



A collaborative model with ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY, a brand that plans to create items for the inheritance of traditional crafts and items that are particular to Japan, from the “ Climber Line ” of full-fledged outdoor gear PRO TREK that continues to evolve with advanced technology and design The

ELNEST is a wear brand directed by Shin Iura, who started in 2007, and develops activity wear that connects nature and the city with both functionality and design. This collaboration was born by an offer from ELNEST, which continues to propose new values, such as collaborations with famous brands that are active on the front lines and products that incorporate traditional Japanese manufacturing.
Based on the PRW-60, which has undergone significant downsizing, the simple and robust world view that the brand embodies is expressed with a black-out dial inspired by the silence of nature. The minimalist design that conveys the minimum necessary information to stoic has a modern finish that makes you feel nostalgic.
The index ring indicated by the Durasoft band and the needle uses a deep green “Forest Green” inspired by the forest. The black dial is enhanced with a modern impression. A special phosphorescent material that emits light in the dark is integrally formed on the back of the Durasoft band. At night, phosphorescence illuminates the side of the band in a line, and you can feel the modernism of the ELNEST brand.
The included replacement crossband uses the original camouflage pattern “BOOKTREE CAMO” that represents ELNEST. This textile, inspired by the beech forests and plants of the Shirakami Mountains, which has become a World Natural Heritage site, is boldly expressed with a rough jacquard weave. We finished the design that makes ACTVIST look like a rough weaving expression that opens the way.
This collaboration model was created by creating a new value of “manufacturing” with the brand ELNEST, which plans items that are particular about domestic products, and manufacturing for inheriting traditional crafts, and PRO TREK, which has sharpened its functionality in the outdoors.
■ Function

  • Triple sensor capable of measuring azimuth, altitude / pressure and temperature
  • Multiband 6 that receives standard radio waves from 6 stations worldwide (2 stations in Japan, China, USA, UK, Germany) and automatically corrects the time
  • Tough solar
  • Barometric trend display function
  • Barometric trend information alarm
  • Low temperature resistance (-10 ° C)
  • When the altitude, barometric pressure, and humidity are measured, if the needle overlaps the liquid crystal, the needle retract function automatically moves the needle temporarily from the digital display.
  • Fully automatic double LED light (Dial plate: Neon illuminator, LCD: LED light)

■ Exterior specifications

  • STN LCD with high visibility
  • Slide lever type Dura soft band

wear brand directed by Shin Iura who started in 2007.
I am good at design inspired by various cultures and climates from all over the world, gaining from travel, and connecting nature and towns that combine functionality and design based on natural materials such as denim and hemp. Expand activity wear.
Operates flag shop “MIGHTRY” in Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo.

Related information


    • Case / Bezel Material: Resin / Stainless Steel
    • With attached band
    • Dura soft band (silicone resin)
    • Inorganic glass
    • Screw lock type crown
    • 10 standard atmosphere waterproofing
      • Tough solar (solar charging system)
      • Radio wave reception function: Automatic reception (maximum 6 times / day) (China radio wave is maximum 5 times / day) / Manual reception
        <Japan> Received radio wave: JJY, Frequency: 40kHz / 60kHz (Fukushima / Kyushu both stations compatible model)
        < North America> Received radio wave: WWVB, Frequency: 60 kHz
        <Europe area> Received radio wave: MSF / DCF77, Frequency: 60 kHz / 77.5 kHz
        <China> Received radio wave: BPC, Frequency: 68.5 kHz
        * In a city that can receive home time settings If set, you will receive stations that match the city. The time difference is set by the selected city.
      • Automatic needle position correction function
      • World time: 29 cities (29 time zones, daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time display, UTC direct call function, home time city replacement function
      • Azimuth measurement function: Measures 16 azimuth and azimuth angles (0 to 359 °), continuous azimuth measurement (60 seconds), north direction pointer function, magnetic declination correction function, azimuth correction function (two-point correction)
      • Barometric pressure measurement function (measurement range: 260 to 1,100 hPa, 1 hPa unit), atmospheric pressure trend graph (displays the past 20 hours), atmospheric pressure difference indicator (measurement range: ± 10 hPa / 1 hPa unit), atmospheric pressure trend information alarm (characteristic (If an atmospheric pressure change occurs, you will be notified with an arrow and a sound report)
      • Altitude measurement function / relative altimeter (measurement range: -700 to 10,000m, 1m unit), altitude difference indicator (measurement range 1: 100m / 5m unit, measurement range 2: 1000m / 50m unit), altitude trend graph, measurement interval setting Function (every 5 seconds / 2 minutes) * Only the first 3 minutes, every second, altitude memory (measurement date / time / altitude up to 30 manual memories), automatic recording data (maximum / minimum altitude, auto integration ( Ascending / descending) memory)
      • Temperature measurement function (measurement range: -10 to 60 ° C, 0.1 ° C unit)
      • Stopwatch (1/100 second, 24 hours total, with split)
      • Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 60 minutes, measured in 1 second units)
      • 5 time alarms and time signal
      • Needle retraction function (manual, automatic (when measuring altitude, pressure, temperature))
      • Battery indicator display
      • Power saving function (In a dark place, when a certain time has elapsed, the display is turned off and the hand movement is stopped to save power)
      • Full auto calendar
      • 12/24 hour display switching
      • Low temperature resistance (-10 ° C)
      • Operation sound ON / OFF switching function
      • Double LED light: LED light
        for dial (full auto light, neon illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switching (1.5 sec / 3 sec)),
        LED backlight for LCD (full auto light, afterglow function, afterglow time) (With switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds))
      • Driving time without solar power generation from full charge When
        using function: Approximately 6 months When
        power saving: Approximately 25 months

    Home Time City (Receiving function compatible city) / Received radio wave
    Tokyo / Japanese standard radio wave JJY40 / JJY60
    (Honolulu), (Anchorage), Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York / US standard radio waves WWVB
    London, Paris, Athens / UK Standard radio wave MSF, German standard radio wave DCF77
    Hong Kong / China standard radio wave BPC
    * Each city in () may be received if conditions are good.
    * When radio wave reception is not performed, it operates with normal quartz accuracy (average monthly difference of ± 15 seconds).
    * The altimeter is a relative altimeter that converts barometric pressure changes to high altitude. When the atmospheric pressure changes due to weather conditions, the altitude of the measured value also changes.
    * When measuring the outside air temperature, remove the watch from your wrist so that it is not affected by body temperature, sweat (water droplets), direct sunlight, etc.

Size / mass

  • Size (H × W × D): 50.5 × 47.2 × 13.3mm
  • Mass: 69g